5 things you should know about responsive web design

Responsive web design is not new; we’ve been developing responsive sites for several years now – long enough to have learned a few things: What responsive web design is. A responsive site is one that adjusts its design based on the size of the window you are looking at it with. But did you know that there are actually several different ways of doing responsive web design? This site does a great job of demonstrating the difference: There are different kinds

Award and magazine

CPC wins for UCB’s E-Action Magazine at the Skuy Awards

E-Action magazine is an unbranded initiative put forth by UCB Canada aimed at empowering individuals with epilepsy and breaking down the barriers associated with this often-isolating disorder. Each issue features the personal stories of real people suffering from epilepsy, articles on important epilepsy-related topics, and advice from experts in the field of epilepsy. E-Action is loved by neurologists across the country, and has an enrolment of over 1,000 people per issue. The OPMA was founded in 1966 by Percy Skuy as

Does Your Client Service Model Serve You Well?

Agencies spend a great deal of time developing and refining a business model designed to optimally serve their clients, while maintaining business objectives. It becomes the science of matching the departmental agency structure required to drive an efficient and effective process with the unique nature of client organizations and the clients themselves. These can, in some cases, be opposing forces. I’ll give you an example. At CPC our standard process is to ask a client to first review a copy deck

Have We Given Up on Patient Compliance?

I was recently re-reading a white paper I’d done nearly 15 years ago on the opportunity represented by improving patient compliance (adherence) to therapies. Much has changed in Canada for our industry since that time; sales of patented and generic drugs have increased by 50%, we’ve weathered significant economic decline and slow recovery, we’ve seen more consolidation of multi-national drug companies, we’ve experienced unprecedented pressure on drug pricing, biologic growth is outstripping that of total drug sales, and the world